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    Im kind of just


    around/testing but ill try to make this thread half useful…

    I am Loctorak, or Greko or whatever you want to call me. Its not like i could stop you if you wanted to call me something else. 🤷‍♂️

    First thing’s first I’m not a writer, so if it ever sounds like im trying to pretend im hot shit, or i say something that seems rude or offensive, im probably just trying to be funny and failing. Sorry.
    That said, i do love letters and draw them a lot. Im drawn to the difference in people’s styles and i always love seeing a well-executed letter in a shape/style ive never seen before. I find it pretty fascinating how far


    people can bend and morph letters while still keeping it legibile, and you don’t see better examples of it than you do during competitive challenges. So thats why I support BBB where i can. Ive sadly had to end my 2 year streak of being a gold supporter on Patreon (im very broke for the moment because of this virus nonsense), but I’ve been hanging around since the beginning and I’m not going anywhere in a hurry and I hope to get back to supporting again, soon. If you read this far – you should consider supporting, too!

      Blackbookology has a Patreon where you can donate money that will go directly to prizes for the competitions. Better prizes = more competition, and more competition = cooler artworks. So you only stand to benefit if you donate (and every dollar helps)!

    Anyway. Good job on the website, BBB Barron. It’s looking pretty official and schmick. The first activation email failed to send but thats a minor issue and who knows why it happened. Ill try and poke around to see if anything breaks. Do you want me to upload a sketch to the comp entry page to see if thats all working?

    Lol this post is so poorly constructed. Im half talking to an audience that isnt here yet, half to the admin and half to myself. 😂
    3 halves of crazy, baby! Or close enough.

    If this is still up when the site goes live for real, then welcome! Hello! Get involved and start sketching! I (personally) hope to see some of your work soon (but not in this part of the forum, obviously)!

    Peace ✌❤

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    Oh timed edits. interesting…

    May I request changing some of the font colours to white? Idk how it is on PC but on android I’ve got a lot of black words on black background for the menus and margin text.


    Hey man thanks for all that feedback and support, as you can see it’s a long ass process to get this site up since I am no pro and developers are expensive and it’s hard to get across what you want. But thanks for the feedback , changed the colors/ bg a little lmk what you think

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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