Where are you from?

-Hi My name is ***** and I came from north Italy, near the famous floating city called Venice.

What got you into graffiti?

 -I found graffiti when I was looking for something less boring to do at school and in life in general, it has been a slow growing, as it still continues, I started seeing tags in the street and asking my self how the letters I had always seen printed on paper can take life in such a flowing and personal way, after a period of sketching I found the courage to show up on a legal wall, the day after I was bombing the street in the most toy way! 

Who are your influences?

-My influences.. Hard to say a name, everywhere I ve been travelling, every piece, every tag has left something in my mind, kind of an imput you get from outside but that you have to rework to draw it, anyway I can t deny the influence of great artist as geser 3A/Spoare /Brus and Shane odv

What were your favorite entries in the BURNED battle?

– I ve been fighting against great artist in several bbology battles, also becoming friend with some of them. The greatest for me are in random order Heksr – kesti oner – aceuno – mariojeric – smoenova… There are so many other that deserve a mention but my memory sucks!






Are you surprised people voted for you?

-I put my best in “Burned” sketch contest and for the first time I saw people reacting to my stuff in the same way I react to other great artist works. We are all small but sometimes is nice to feel big!

Any advice for graffiti beginners?

-Only stupid advice came to my mind, try to say a couple that make sense, for the beginners, if you re not the most talented emergent writer of the history, stay simple, study the letters, forget arrows, also the craziest wild style to look good needs flow. For all the writer, experts and beginners, use graffiti as a way to make friends and new expirences, forget hating and bullshit.

Thanks for taking the time! see you around in the battles!


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