Whatsup skareone, tell us a little about yourself

Hi! Well, I’m from a small Ukrainian city Severodonetsk, now I live and study in Warsaw. I’m a member of next international crews: NID, ZNC and UPC.

What got you into graffiti art?

 I always loved to draw. I remember I had special sketchbook where were sketches with supercars with tuning,  skulls and tattoo ornaments. My first encounter with graffiti had been when I was a schoolboy. In 2006 I sketched in my notebook the letters “Most Wanted”  from a cover of video game. I didn’t realize that it was graffiti tag but I liked the style in which they were made. However, then I made sketches on different themes like as comics heroes, cars , etc. I looked for something that could be interesting for me for long time. In early 2010, I installed on my computer a game “Marc Ecko’s Getting Up”, which became for me a major impetus to paint graffiti. I realised that’s what i needed. I copied some graffities from this game, I tried to learn shapes of the letters which were used in this game. Moreover, It was very intersting for me how to create graffti letters and I was heavily involved in this. I sketched a lot, I began to notice graffiti on the streets of my city. My first piece on the wall I made in August 31/ 2010. After couple of painted walls I took a break and focused on sketches. After a little pause I began actively to paint on the walls in the spring of 2011.

 Sounds like you noticed the graffiti “style” before you knew what graffiti is and then progressed as an artist in that direction.  Do you have more or less respect for legal vs illegal or different media (painted vs sketch vs digital) ?

I respect all branches of graffiti and all ways for realization your ideas. 

Who were/are your influences, any favorite works?

At the beginning I was inspired by EazOne, Can2, Daim, MadC, Wire. The Wire and MadC influenced on me the most , I think. Their styles are very dynamic and I was really impressed by it. I also want to mention Vodka, Kak, Vogue, Nemo, Zmogk, Qtwo, Skenar, Neist, Inca, Amuse126, Proembion, Sofles, Redone, Cruze…They create amazing things. I really like what they do. And I think there is also a influence from them on me.

Do you use anything to motivate and inspire your art work?

First and foremost, I think it is a music and current mood. For example, when I’m depressive I listen to a hard music such as Slipknot, Adept, etc, and I make agressive, mixed shapes without bright colors, usually it black, red, dark violet and white. Also after painting on festivals and meeting amazing writers I feel a charge of positive emotions, gaining new knowledge. It motivates me to keep going on.

 I know what you mean, just came back from Art Basel in Miami myself, very inspiring. What are your favorite festivals? Do you have any on your mind you want to go to, maybe internationally?

 Yeah, cool! I should definitely visit Art Basel next year. There were a lot of my friends… Returning to the question, for the last 3 years I’ve taken part in different festivals and jams and the most vivid memorable for me was Roskilde festival: one week of painting graffiti with the best writers from different parts of the world, an amazing organizing,  good music, no limits… After this fest I felt big progress between what I did before and later on. I also want to mention “Street Wars” in Jelenia Gora, “Meeting of Styles: Lublin”, “Frame festival” in Wolsztyn, “Alarm” in Ukraine. 
..So as I wrote above, I would like to visit Miami and to take part in Roskilde fest again. These are all my wishes at the moment.

 Where do you see yourself going with graffiti art and what does it mean to you?

Well, like as every graffiti writer I want to share my graffiti around the world and I will be more practicing to make my works better. Lately I was thinking about graffiti in far future. I realize that an illegal part of graffiti will extinct for some time. May be I’m completely wrong, but I think with a rapid development of high technologies it will happen (for example intelligent anti-vandal surfaces, high level of security, etc) . So I want to combine graffiti with new technologies. I have some crazy ideas, but i don’t know how to realize it in real life for now. May be it will happen in 10-20 years.Whether or not, it’s just my thoughts.  

Care to share one crazy idea?

 I think about using lasers and holograms for achievement visual effects without VR helmets. At the moment I have alpha version of program which can configure 3D object for making hologram on the screen using pyramid. But it’s not so interesting. I want to try to make huge holograms of graffiti though it will cost so much in our days.

Lets look at some of your earliest work when you were a beginner and some of your favorite or newest work. 

Old stuff first:

My first graffiti. I painted it at night with my friend. The shape of letter “C” is wrong. A lot of inappropriate elements.

Wrong shapes,a cheap paint, a lack of practice

My favourite piece in 2011.Then I was happy with the result. Cons: using cheap paint, that’s why the fill in and the black outlines is almost transparent; so big highlights; a lack of practice.

Autumn 2012. There is a bad contrast with the blue outlines at the middle of the piece; Dirty shadows; The semi transparent background.

Spring 2012. There no volume in some places; Wrong shadows; The wrong volume on extra element near “S”, the directional point in another place.

Lets look at some newer work:

I like this wall because then in 2013 for me it was the cleanest piece.

Here I’ve tried to make a depth inside the piece. I like these “neurons” and high contrast.

In spring of 2014 I decided to make a similar piece as I made in 2013 with small corrections. I was focused on lines I liked the result.

This one I like because of the the collaboration with Proembrion . He paints surrealistic forms so here we combined our styles and made a transition form 2D to 3D.

I really like this wall because of soft gradient, small details, background. It’s the biggest piece I’ve done.

Looks like you are still improving fast, looking forward to what’s next!… to wrap it up, any advice for newbies?

Well first and foremost, to have more practice.Also, to meet new friends ,to share expierence and knowledge with each other and have a sober assessment of themselves.  For example, I feel that I need more practice on the walls, because I paint rarely, so I spend more time near the wall until I will not be satisfied with the result. I ask an advice when I paint with more experienced than me….Good luck!

Thanks for taking the time! see you around in the battles!


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