Hey Mario!  What got you into graffiti art and how long ago ?

I started doing graffiti when I was 13 .(2009.) I had been interested in graffiti a couple of years before that. I live in Omiš, a small town near Split. There were no graffiti and before me there were no writers. Whenever I went to another city in those years,  graffiti would make my staying much more fun. I was looking at the shapes and trying to read them.

One day when I was 13 I went to an abandoned place in my town with two friends. We saw a piece we have never seen before. i can still remember it. All three of us were motivated to try out the graffiti. At the weekend, we would get together in that abandoned place and paint. They stopped doing graffiti  after about a year but I became more and more interested.

At first I went to the bombing but in the city with no writers I didn’t have motivation for it. Much better option for me was to make pieces without pressure in abandoned places and posting them on the internet.

 Who were your influences?

My attitude to graffiti has been changing over the years and it may still change. The biggest influence on me was definitely Dare. (R.I.P Dare) Just to mention some others: Osker, Vodka, Nemo and Mosk.

I’m studying the design and most of the works I’ve done lately are geometric and it’s not surprising that at the moment my favourite writers are: RoidsPantZoerPref ..

Who are your favorite artists entering blackbookology battles?

My Favorite Artists entering blackbookology battles are: skareoneheksrsmoenovaaceunojoint and thespeedone

Do you have any special techniques for sketching? …letter by letter or do you think of the piece as a whole? 

I don’t have any special technique for the sketching. Before I start, I have the idea of what the whole form will be. Then I write it letter by letter and I try to get as close as I can to that imaginative form. Of course, I always try to make the whole look pretty, but also that each letter works for itself. I always do a  little breaks  while doing a sketch to rethink about the doubts I have.

Do you take a long time to finish an outline/sketch?

Sometimes I don’t draw it in one day so it’s hard to tell how much time I need. Approximately 4 to 5 hours, I assume.

What do you like doing better: sketching or painting?

 I love both. If i would have to choose I would choose sketching rather than painting, because creating and designing letters is my favorite part. Painting them on the wall doesn’t represent the challenge just a pleasure.

Where do you see yourself going with graffi art / carreer?

 I don’t think much about it. I will continue to do the works I like and try to fulfill my expectations first. I hope that others will like it too and that it will reach people who think similar as I do.

Lets look at some pieces!

Starting with newer work and some self criticism:

Geometry/minimalism 2017 (BELOW)

I haven’t published new works yet. So I don’t want to reveal too much. Here are two pictures to announce the new style I was doing on the walls and the one in the screen print.

Mechanism 2015 (BELOW)

In those years I experimented with the mechanical elements by integrating them into graffiti. In this style I don’t mind that there are no gaps between the letters. It bothers me that they’re not clean enough. The mechanism requires precision. Circles should be circles, not ellipse.

Mobs/Mesar semiwildstyle 2014. (BELOW)

Ever since I started drawing I always used the name Mobs. In summer 2014 I was painting a lot and it was difficult to do so much variations with the name I had used  for 5 years. To break the monotony  I changed the tag into Mesar (The Butcher in Croatian) for a couple of months. In that period, I think the biggest problem was the lack of gaps between the letters.

Old Mobs 2012 (BELOW)

I tried to achieve some kind of “pyramidal flow”. I wanted the center to be raised, but I did it very badly in this example because it’s raised too much and the whole form just doesn’t look so good.


And finally: any advice for newbies?

The advice I’m going to give  them are not just for the graffiti they could apply to anything that is creative.

Look at the examples

Before you start doing something look at the examples. Look how people did it before you. By copying someone else’s originality, you will never achieve your own originality but in the begining it’s good to copy the elements you like. It allows you to learn faster and to figure out why those elements are so good which will help you to develop your own.

Listen to the tips of the more experienced

They did it before you and became familiar with the problems you are about to encounter. It’s better to learn on their mistakes than on your own. All the things that they have figured out you would probably have figured out too, but if you ask them, you will save some time.


The only way to achieve your goals is to work on them.

And last but not least, always wear a condom!

That’s right!

Thanks Mario, see you around the battles…really looking forward to this new work/ styles!


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