Pensil interview proposal


overall behind the scenes


we have to get out the good stories (travel stories, train stories whatsover)

there are better and worse guests.. i shouldn’t feel like an interview so we’ll do a lot on the fly. also depending on how motivated and easy to talk to the artist is.

The one of us that isn’t speaking should really focus on what the guest is telling so we can follow up on the fly, that’s how it get’s much more interesting.

Also we have backup stuff like the rapid fire questions to break the ice if we run into a silent moment. i do a lot of research that i can surprise the guest a bit :D


pensil one




Australia (every somewhere else?

Andrew Stasiak




how come the 3d?

was there ever no 3d?


statement from pensils youtube:

„Graffiti is all about the Letters. Anyone can shine up garbage with 3D effects and fancy colors,

but if your letters are weak then good writers will always see you as a toy.“

-> good take!

still behind this after the years? (its prob 2 years old)



you entered already the first battle do you remember?

won New york first time 125$ prize did you expect?

tyotoys right after?

show pictures

why are you not entering anymore?


do you think the battles have become more competitive?



how active are you? (dont see much on insta)



one character sketch is there more?


scene in australia?


state of graff / whats your take on the scene?

people you look out for?

Internet good / not?



best places?



how come canvas (or is it cardboard) with cans? so small still work with can ever touched brush?

94 paint of choice?




started youtube 2 years ago

stopped 1 year ago

88k best vid

even speak

Why did he stop?


Whats ur take on the youtube graff scene?


Rapid fire questions:

-    best graff mag

-    best graff movie

-    best graff country?

-    throwie or tag?

-    Sydney or melbourne?

-    pizza or burger?

-    sketching or painting?

-    scribble or nice sketch

-    BW or color?

-    steel / wall?




living from it / art and graffiti?




BIG THANKS FOR THE 100$ a month if hes OK for the shoutout




comments on announcement post: ideas / questions for the next guest?