Welcome to the interview, Heksr. Lets start by telling us where you are from? 

– I’m from Vlissingen a small city in the Netherlands.

What got you into Graffiti Art?

-I started doing graffiti around 5/6 years ago. An old friend showed me he was drawing his name in ”Stylish” letters. I really liked the idea of having an ego for yourself without having to show your face with it. 

Who are your influences?

-I really look up to guys like YesbMateSmoeGeser & Kems. Also to my crewmate and friend Robs, He has always been a good motivation to keep going. 

What were your favorite entries in the BURNED battle?

-My favourite entries came from @hopeone1 @srack_one @mariojeric & ekoms_graffonly (Tesiunmoina) <- Happy he got second in the burned battle.





Are you surprised people voted for you?

-I admit that I was very satisfied with my sketch for the burned battle, although I didn’t expect so many people would like my sketch.

Mostly you see people vote for the entries with the basic lettering, and the nice colors & effects. There was a lot of those type of entries, but in the end I was happy with the result from this battle.

I was glad people who focused most of letter structure took the first, second and third place.

Any advice for graffiti beginners?

– My advice is stay motivated, and study letters when you start. Not the letters from other people you see all over Instagram, but the letters you’re reading right now. 

Each letter you see has a certain structure, which in my opinion is most important in graffiti. Try and change up the flow or thickness of your letters.

After you studied each letter, you can start connecting them.. add bits and extensions.

Graffiti isn’t something you learn in a day, or in a month. Not even in a year, you have to keep going. Failing results in winning.


Thanks for taking the time! see you around in the battles!


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