Where are you from?

 -Sydney Australia

What got you into graff?  (Who/ what were the influences?)

When I was a kid, I use to ride the train with mum on her way to work, Rockdale to the City.
I would be glued to the window lookin for the next piece. I have always loved it and was trying to put my own stuff together from a young age.
Infuences were def early Sydney Crews , RCF, TDF, CIS and alike
In time print material became available, treck in to Disco City and Central Station Records for Vapors mag and then Hype was like biblical. Music and skateboarding has been always a steady infuence also.

How long you have been doing it?

20+years, I started using paint when I was around 14 I guess, had a small group of mates and we kept it pretty local..skate and paint spillways, industrial areas, drains and channels..
always pretty mellow

Do you just stick to blackbooks? 

These days its pretty much all just blackbooks and sketching, I rarely get to paint. 

 Where do you see yourself going with this?, Just hobby?

I sketch cause I love it…manipulating letters, mad characters.
I do it because I love that connection to the culture, seeing what others are doing is inspiring and it pushes you to better yourself. Its a hobby but do commissioned work now and then.

Who are your favorite artists from our battles?

Blackbookology showcase so much premium work and talent, a few that spring to mind would be Ptoons, Kesti, Janefotr, Atew

Who do you like to follow on insta?

 Graff writers and crews, other artists, skaters and good musicians, people with a unique perspective and approach to things

Lets look at some of your older/ beginner work:

Lets look at some newer work:

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enter captions here

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Any advice for aspiring artists?


Shout outs?


Thanks for taking the time! see you around in the battles!