Where are you from?  -Sydney Australia What got you into graff?  (Who/ what were the influences?) When I was a kid, I use to ride the train with mum on her way to work, Rockdale to the City.I would be glued to the window lookin for the next piece. I have always loved it and […]


Hey Mario!  What got you into graffiti art and how long ago ? I started doing graffiti when I was 13 .(2009.) I had been interested in graffiti a couple of years before that. I live in Omiš, a small town near Split. There were no graffiti and before me there were no writers. Whenever […]


Where are you from? -Hi My name is ***** and I came from north Italy, near the famous floating city called Venice. What got you into graffiti?  -I found graffiti when I was looking for something less boring to do at school and in life in general, it has been a slow growing, as it […]


Welcome to the interview, Heksr. Lets start by telling us where you are from?  – I’m from Vlissingen a small city in the Netherlands. What got you into Graffiti Art? -I started doing graffiti around 5/6 years ago. An old friend showed me he was drawing his name in ”Stylish” letters. I really liked the […]


What got you started in graffiti and who were your influences? I always loved to draw monsters and other stuff when I was little. In middleschool when I was around 14 years (2007) old, one day, I decided to draw letters. I wrote „stress“ in with purple and pink. That was my first sketch. Even […]


Whats up Qtwo, What got you into graffiti / sketching? “I’ve been drawing since childhood, ever since I can remember I’ve always been into it. Drew the spider-man from the 1994’s cartoon videotapes, there were Todd McFarlane’s pictures on the covers. False anatomy, a plenty of details such as little spiders all over the spider-man’s […]


Whatsup skareone, tell us a little about yourself Hi! Well, I’m from a small Ukrainian city Severodonetsk, now I live and study in Warsaw. I’m a member of next international crews: NID, ZNC and UPC. What got you into graffiti art?  I always loved to draw. I remember I had special sketchbook where were sketches […]